Our Family

Our Family
Top:Tom, Aaron, Thomas Bottom: Donette, Kaelob, Izzy, Stephan

Sunday, June 24, 2012

After graduation trip for Aaron and his friends

 The trip was to Manilla, Utah. It is near Flaming Gorge (Sp).
What a Hunk!

 (left to Right) Aaron, Mike, Matt, Elias, Autymn, Savanah, Aaron (aka Panda)

 Brave soul Ms Shawn. One of the parents that took the Gang to Manilla

                                                                                         Mike, Aaron and Autymn

                                                                                What a mess. Aaron usually
                                                                                 is a lot cleaner than this.

 Aaron buried alive. He said there was water in thehole and he almost got hypothermia

 Ms Shawn and JR

                                                                                 Autymn, Elias and Aaron


 JR. Another brave soul that took the gang to Manilla

                                                                            Autymn, Matt, Elias, Mike, Panda, Savanah


 Aaron and Elias show off
 What a hunk!

            Pull up those shorts Aaron
                Don't let those shorts fall

                 Show off those muscles